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William Lacey Group Partnerships with Housing Associations & Councils

The William Lacey Group provides an integrated design, project coordination and construction management role for Housing Associations and Councils who need to optimise compliance within the requirements of the new technical standards for new homes.

In this fast moving field, The William Lacey Group is at the forefront of current construction expertise. We have considerable experience in micro generation, carbon offsetting, renewable energy technologies, thermal mass technology, and low emissivity high transmission glazing as well as an environmental awareness pedigree. All staff are inducted with our Environmental Policy which underpins our philosophy.

The William Lacey Group has completed numerous low carbon emission projects. These traditionally designed new homes generate their own energy requirements. The twelve new homes that have been built at Brookwood Farm, near Woking incorporate all the elements of 21st Century environmental living.

The key construction features of the new Brookwood Farm homes are an innovative wall, window and door system providing a completely insulated shell, a system than can be used on any project, up to and including Code 6. The renewable energy requirements are provided by photovoltaic slates integrated with natural slates, a heat recovery system and rainwater harvesting. Energy performance of our new homes also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Our in-house design team are at the cutting edge of new technology with the expertise to deliver innovative solutions to environmental challenges and we have a proven track record in meeting the various requirements for the construction of ECO homes.

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If you have a project that you you'd like to discuss with the William Lacey Group, please contact, or complete the online form below or simply call us on (01483) 880 770.

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